VALS is a research team of the LRI (CNRS and University of Paris-Sud), located in Orsay, France. It was created in September 2013, joining the two former teams ForTesSe and Toccata. Toccata is a research team of the Inria Saclay - Île-de-France research center.

The VALS team works in the Area of Verification and Validation of Algorithms, Languages and Systems, right in the heart of the scientific field called "Formal Methods". The main objectives of the team are:

  • making verification an easier to use, more wide-spread technology,
  • pushing the limits of formal verification in non-standard application domains,
  • advancing the technology of interactive and automated theorem provers,
  • improving foundations by verifying languages, systems, and tools,
  • developing combinations of formal test and proof techniques,
  • developing combinations of proofs and probability.

For additional information, visit the research page and the software page.